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  Packaging Covenant

The Australian Packaging Covenant is unique.


Its great strength is that it does not discriminate against any type of packaging material or the use of any packaging material; it does not focus on one part of the packaging supply chain, one type of material, one recovery method, as others do. It takes a holistic life-cycle view, one that recognises integrated thinking and requires responsible behaviour, individually and collectively. The ideals for smarter packaging, less waste, cleaner environment are expressed in three strategic goals.


Signatories to the APC consider a whole-of-life approach to their packaging design, minimising the use of natural resources, utilising recycled content, using less energy, whilst ensuring that their packaging remains fit-for-purpose. By considering outcomes for packaging beyond its first use, signatories have contributed to a 36% reduction in packaging to landfill since 2003 with a 68% increase in recycling. APC strategies are working. 


To read more, see the 2011 Annual Report now available on the APC website


Below is our most recent Action Plan

BioPak Australian Packaging Covenant Action Plan


BioPak markets and sells its current products under a number of brands, which include;


·         BioPak

·         BioDeli

·         BioCup

·         BioPlate

·         BioBowl

·         BioCutlery


Company’s Commitment to Covenant Undertakings


Whilst BioPak does not currently supply products directly to consumers in Australia and therefore are not obliged to submit an action plan, however, the company is committed to reduce the environmental impact of its operations and as such is voluntarily submitting an action plan.


BioPak currently has 10 staff members and as such, the task of managing the company’s commitment to The  Packaging Covenant has been assigned to the company director Mr. Richard Fine. 


Executive Summary


As a pioneer in plant based and bioplastic packaging solutions in Australia, BioPak supports the principles of product stewardship and the roles and undertakings of the Covenant. 


We actively work together with our partners and industry in full support of the view that companies at all levels of the packaging supply chain should take responsibility voluntarily towards long term, sustainable environmental management.


BioPak was created to address the problem of disposable plastic & food packaging ending up in landfill.  Since the company inception in 2006 we have been committed to waste prevention and reducing waste to landfill. In our pursuit of reducing the packaging industries dependence on non renewable resources, we continue to challenge and strive for reduction in raw materials and energy used by leveraging the innovations in bioplastics and plant based packaging technologies and optimizing best practices, product design and engineering.


We support sustainable recycling and re-use wherever possible however when recycling is not an option, we promote composting of packaging waste. As an industry leader in biodegradable consumer packaging, we have taken on the responsibilities of working together in the development of sustainable environmental initiatives. BioPak is working together with Waste Management Australia and Compost Australia to provide consumers and business with information and locations of industrial compost facilities across Australia.


We offset the carbon emissions associated with the production and transport of our products. The carbon footprint of the company’s operations is audited regularly by the Carbon Reduction Institute.


A Company Overview 


BioPak is a specialist packaging company with an exclusive focus on plant based and compostable packaging and disposable food service products.  Based in Sydney, we have distributors across Australia and New Zealand. BioPak customers include fast food outlets, catering companies, cafes, food manufacturing, electronics industry, agricultural industry and retail stores.


BioPak is a supplier of

·         Moulded Fiber Packaging

·         Food Service Disposables

·         Flexible Food Packaging

·         BioPlastic Packaging

·         Water Soluble Films


Action Plan


Performance Goal


BioPak Contribution

1.  Design - packaging optimised

to achieve resource efficiency and

reduced environmental impact without compromising product quality and safety

Packaging designed to:

• avoid or minimise the use of materials and other resources 

• optimise its recyclability and

recycled content 

• reduce litter impacts

BioPak produces packaging made from recycled materials, bioplastic materials derived from plants.

All BioPak products are biodegradable and most are certified compostable which ensures they will decompose in a compost environment.

2. Recycling - The efficient collection

and recycling of packaging

A contribution to improved recovery of packaging from households and away from-home sources


Increased secondary markets for recovered packaging materials

BioPak works together with Waste Management Australia and Compost Australia to improve access to industrial composting infrastructure. BioPak also works with outdoor event organizers using BioPak products to ensure that all organic waste is diverted from landfill.

3. Product Stewardship – a demonstrated commitment to product stewardship

by the supply chain and other signatories

Signatories in the supply chain working with others to improve design and recycling of packaging


Reduction in litter

BioPak provides a design service and consults with local business to help them reduce the environmental impact of their existing packaging.








Resources Used






Supply product in packaging that is either recyclable or compostable

Eliminate PE plastic sleeves used to package disposable foodservice products

Replace with paper or bioplastic sleeve

Before 2014

Import, Warehousing & Distribution






Reduce carbon emissions associated with the distribution of products across Australia.

Audit international shipping companies, 3rd party warehouse and logistics partners. Measure baseline data of energy used and carbon emissions related to the storage and transport of BioPak products. Implement KPI’s

Continued reduction of carbon emissions.



Eliminate non recyclable materials used in the storage and distribution of BioPak products.

Investigate alternatives including reusable pallet wrap mechanisms

Reduce or eliminate the use of pallet wrap for the storage and distribution of BioPak products

Before 2014


Re-use foil insulation used when transporting heat sensitive products.

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