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BioCup Art Series

BioPak are proud to support and promote the arts community with the BioCup Art Series. Every three months we will print artwork from Australian and New Zealand artists on our 8oz, 12oz and 16oz single wall and double wall BioCups. Our curator Kate Armstrong seeks out artists who explore environmental themes at the core of their practice. Delight and engage your coffee customers with this changing series that looks at sustainability issues from what is involved in building a house, to the the beauty of Australian bush flowers or the urban environment.

  • BioPak Art Series – Limited edition prints

    Limited edition prints are available. For more information or any enquiries about the artists please contact our curator Kate Armstrong from OKYO.

    Likewise if you are an artist interested in participating please give Kate a call.

    T 0466 915 986


  • Current series: Luna Series by Alicia Beech

    "The 'Luna Series' is a satirical group of work which encompasses the influences of the moon on the earth as well as humans impact on our planet. It takes a slightly cynical look at the beauty of our oceans, our minerals, our flora and mankind’s exploitation of the environment. I hope that it reminds people that we are very lucky to inhabit such a beautiful and unique planet with the earth's friendly cousin the moon watching over us."

  • Current series: Save the Bees by Bridget Purtill

    "Food production as we know will be lost or seriously altered without the help of bees. I choose these little guys as my muse, they help produce all of the wondrous foods and flora that we love. I believe creatively and collectively we can build awareness about their and our fate and save the bees. Together we can change the world." Bridget Purtill is a conceptual artist residing in the Mid North Coast of NSW, Australia.

  • Current series: Magpie Playground by Edith Rewa

    Based in Blackheath in the Blue Mountains, Edith's work dips into botanical and Natural History illustration with a special fondness for the native Flora and Fauna of the Australian Bush. She often uses her illustrations to reignite the sense of reverence in our natural landscape and its bounty from the time of the burgeoning plant hunter. 'Magpie Playground' shows frollicking magpies amidst wattle, banksia and bottlebrush – look at them having a grand time, let's keep them and their environment safe!

  • Current series: Nature's Framework by Ben Creighton

    "A rich and colourful depiction of the rainbow of flavour that’s provided for us from our oceans, our earth and our trees. Using the naturally occuring beauty found in the pattern of a leaf’s skeleton to create an intricately detailed and texture filled framework. This piece was created digitally, as a designer of many years Ben has always been, and remains, constantly aware of the impact of his industry on the environment, over the years he has become more and more involved in the digital landscape and so has reduced his footprint considerably. He still produces printed work but only uses preferred suppliers that practice sustainable printing, the environmental benefits of which are numerous including less waste and energy use, a healthier workplace and ease of recycling."

  • Current series: The Final Howl by Cairo Bean

    Kyle Boonzaier, a young, Auckland-based illustrator was raised in Island Bay, Wellington. Half Spanish, half South African and half New Zealand, Kyle's perpetual identity crisis and questionable counting abilities only add depth to his ever-growing artistic style and story telling abilities. Sourcing inspiration from fables, friends and his ever-growing family, gaining
    steady momentum exhibiting throughout New Zealand. A dedicated advocate of supporting young art and creativity in Auckland city and abroad, he hopes to soon be able to pay rent on time and continue his passion for arts through his own self-initiated projects on local shores.

  • Current series: Bee Stung by Sarah Howell

    "This work was initially created on silk crepe de chine as a response to the declining bee population and the environmental effect on our intricate balance of life. The work is a dense and delicate collage layered with hand drawn elements. I wanted to portray the heavy hum of the insects going about their work and the sweet thick smell of summer in Sydney."

  • Current series: It's all about Balance by Debbie Laan

    "I am a Coffs Harbour based artist. I use various mediums including paper-mache, clay, acrylic paints and inks and more recently revisiting the use of watercolours. I predominately sell my work from the famous Bellingen Market and am best known locally for my big bright and bold paper mache Pinatas and more recently my intricate dreamy mandalas. Because I live, work and play on the north coast of NSW I can't help but be heavily influenced by my surroundings including the rainforest, rivers and beautiful beaches. My mandalas reflect the calmness I feel when I put pen and brush to paper. The Mandala or 'circle' traditionally represents the universe. All things within the circle are equal and have a radial balance. 'It's all about Balance' is about finding a balance in a our busy lives – a balance between work and play, reaping and sowing and taking from nature and protecting our environment. I painted this mandala while travelling around far north queensland on a camping holiday. I have drawn it with pen and ink and then painted the design using acrylic inks and watercolour."

  • Current series: Beautiful Collision by Mandy Emerson

    Mandy is a self-taught artist from Christchurch, New Zealand. Her inspiration is drawn from the nurturing environments of the garden and Mother Nature with all her beauty and memories they hold, with an air of vintage. Her works are often seen as an explosion of new growth, with buds bursting or pods rejuvenating – everything is competing for survival whilst all flourishing together.

  • Current series: Ocean Gemming by Michelle Pinkis

    "The gem like faceted forms in my work sprung from a desire to explore both simplicity and complexity. There is an enviable level of mastery in the way that nature blends opposites – It is effortless. I am constantly playing with
    watercolour, attempting to use the medium, the water itself to blend colour in a way similar to mother nature. The colours
    for this piece are drawn from the space between deep ocean, the shoreline, and beyond into dense rainforest. These are rare, precious and powerful environments and it is our responsibility to protect them, if for no other reason than they are truly, magnificently beautiful."