Our team

together we can make a difference

At BioPak sustainable packaging is all we do and our wonderful and experienced team are committed to helping you marry purpose and profit in your business choices.

Gary Smith

Chief Executive Officer

Richard Fine

Founder & Non Executive Director

Kim Jeanneret

Head of Finance – APAC

Jon Owen

Head of Sales

Mathew Johnston

Australian Business Development Manager

Paul Wardrop

New Zealand Sales DirectorNZ: 0800 246 725

Jeremy Yeo

Singapore Sales Director

Laarni Peroy

Administration & Accounts

Antoine Authom

New Business Development Executive02 8060 9000

Lana Treisman

Financial Controller

Yan Xie

Operational Accountant

Lauren Smith

Account Receivable Manager

Paul Coomber

Accounts Receivable and Inventory Controller

Benjie Tan

Senior Accountant

Ligaya Pineda

Accounts Receivable Administrator 

Ramil Peroy

Assistant Accountant

Hazel Cauilan

Purchasing Lead

Lamberto Ricafranca

Purchasing Officer

Adrian Bulaclac

Purchasing Officer

Archie Achurra

Purchasing Adminstration

Louie Cauilan

Purchasing Administration

Carina Lagrosa

Purchasing Administrator

Daniel Rivers

Customer Care Lead

Shaun Diaz

Customer Care Lead

Karen Villegas

Customer Care

Imee Malaluan

Customer Care

Vanessa Asis

Customer Care

Abby Yngente

Customer Care

Hannah Cuachon

Customer Care

Janice Lee

Customer Care

Jessica Dioniso

Customer Care

Lhalaine De Jesus

Customer Care

Agus Grady

Sales Team Leader

Lara Feder

Sales Support

Sara Rach

Sales Support

Eleni Vithoulkas

Sales Support

Angela Curran

Sales Support

Funda Ozcan

Sales Support

Michelle Widjaja

Sales Support

Rachel Wylie

Sales Support

Lester Cuevas

Sales Support02 8060 9000

Geraldine Valdez

Sales Support

Joanne Frondozo

Sales Support

Miguel Chugani

Sales Support02 8060 9000

Resel Ricafrente

Sales Support

Stephanie Alejandro

Sales Support

Vergil Alejandro

Sales Support

Vince Rama

Sales Support

Shane Mary Logarta

Sales Support

Kimberly Ornopia

Sales Support

Mary Catigbe

Sales Support

Lea Maguero

Environment & Sustainability Manager

Rose Fuggle

Compost Service Manager

Angelica Almaida

Custom Products Lead

Kiley Good

Head of Operational Compliance

Jan Cerny

IT Development Manager

Adrianne Tasker

Head of Marketing

Lala Wijesekera

Creative Director

Christina Miebach

Marketing Communications Manager

Tammy Lim

Digital Marketing Manager

Michelle Sendus

Marketing Coordinator

Paradise Joy Mercado

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jonimel Saromines


Claire Papa


Sarish Shashidhar

Industrial Designer

Sarah Anderson

Office Administrator

Mike Simmons

Samples Distribution & Store Manager

Sree Bugden

Accounts Receivable Manager – APAC