Positive Impact

All BioPak products are carbon neutral

We strive to minimise any adverse impacts our business has on the environment through purchasing carbon credits to compensate for the unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions created through the production, transportation and disposal of our products.

We were the first packaging company to become carbon neutral in Australia and New Zealand in 2010. Each carbon credit or offset relates to 1 tonne of CO2 equivalent greenhouse gas emissions that have been avoided by funding renewable energy or tree planting project.

Switching to biopak makes a big difference

Pick your scenario to see the difference switching to BioPak compostable packaging can make.

Using biopak compostable packaging means you’ll:

  • Create and offset of carbon.
  • Driving a new car around the world

Saying “no” to conventional plastic packaging means you’ll:

  • Avoid of plastic being made.
  • of crude oil used to make it

Bonus! Divert your packaging from landfill and compost it instead

    • Create of compost
    • That's bags of compost!
    • Avoid creating of carbon
    • Better than carbon neutral, you'll be carbon positive!

Tons of CO2 emissions offset since 2010

We measure, reduce where possible, and then offset any remaining greenhouse gas emissions associated with our products and operations.

136,154.9 tons of CO2 is the equivalent to:

  • Driving
    54,398,299,776 kms
  • Saving fuel
    5,711,821,476 litres
  • Removing cars
    37,712 removed cars

BioPak is now NCOS certified, the Australian Government’s recognised standard. This is the 100th successful participant in the program. Whilst BioPak has demonstrated leadership in sustainability for years and have measured and offset their carbon emissions since 2010, they felt it was time to align with the robust government standard.

Plastic Free July has been an incredible success for our #BioPakHeroes - with over $2000 raised for a great charity (WWF) and more awareness raised for a pressing issue (the proliferation of plastics in our lives).

There is no 'Planet B' and thus why 3 team members have taken on the Plastic-Free July Challenge. The plastic we mindlessly generate and consume through our lifestyles has a permanent and adverse effect on our planet. In an effort to raise both money and awareness, the BioPak Heroes chronicled their month-long journey on EverydayHero.

We had the chance to catch-up with the team and hear first-hand how they found the month overall and their key takeaways.