26th of May 2017BioCup Art Series

New artists and new cup sizes

The art series just keeps getting better. We love this round of artists. And are happy to introduce brand new 6oz and 12oz 80mm cup sizes in the single wall range.


6oz and 16oz Single Wall BioCups

Into my Eyesss by Fiona Groom
Into my Eyes has an underlying message about invasive species which can easily take over and cause a significant impact on the environment. It is my intention to use a little humour in this painting and in doing so create a narrative that draws attention to what is a very serious issue.Introduced species not only compete with our native animals for food but they can also be responsible for the disappearance of many creatures, along with the spread of disease and destruction to the environment."

Karijini by Jane Flowers
"Karijini National Park is one of Australia’s wild and untouched places in the midst of mining mayhem – a unique landscape in the Pilbara three hours drive inland from Exmouth which is on the coast midway up the coast of Western Australia. A true oasis, the iron rich layered lands in the plateau of the park have been cut over millennia to produce spectacular 100 metre deep steep sided chasms filled with breathtakingly cold clear water.

Descending into one of these one late afternoon I looked back up to see the sun drenched rich red cliffs topped with the convoluted impossibly white trunked Snappy Gum trees – endemic to the area – standing like sentries over the spinifex, crowned with their impossible bright green foliage against a true blue sky. It was a truly iconic Australian outback image.

Back in the studio I created this canvas to share with viewers my vision of a moment in time and to pay homage to the awe inspiring natural beauty of our land."

Connection by Robbi Wymer
"I live in a green, tree-filled environment filled with bird life. Birds are my inspiration. They connect us to our natural world. The bird’s spirit, their unique songs and their colours are a timely reminder to us all to reconnect with the powerful force of nature that nurtures our soul and reminds us of our mortality.

The bird is a symbol for many reasons. However, in this artwork I ask the viewer to reflect on the place where nature resides, in our hearts and our minds, how we might find the time to immerse ourselves in its vanishing world and how we might reconcile where humanities progress and technology fits in our lives. We need to find a connection with our natural world and strike a balance between our needs and the needs of our environment.

I also work as an art therapist in mental health and I see first hand the results of what happens when we lose sight of the natural world around us. I volunteer for WIRES as a wildlife rescuer and carer so the imagery that enters my art work leaps in from the window of my natural world."


8oz 80mm and 8oz 90mm Single Wall BioCups

Frilled Bark Moth by Erin Green
Through my collage work I focus on the intricate patterns found in nature, particularly the ornate detail found in the wings of moths and beetles. I want to create something new and fun from the old, to find inspiration in the natural beauty that already exists around us and to celebrate our native Australian flora & fauna. I use old magazines, tickets and gift cards for collage material which makes my pieces more personal and minimises the damage to the environment. This is a very important aspect of my work as I would never want to do harm to the species that I am so inspired by. I want my art to serve as a reminder that what we already have here in Australia is unique, and we should not forget to appreciate what our environment has given us."

Upon My Back by Emmaline Baily
This original acrylic on wood painting. Upon my back (2016) is a celebration of life and its complex interconnectivity. The harmonic balance of conditions that allow life to flourish in the tropical ocean is a metaphor for the collective consciousness of the entire globe. This piece is part of an ongoing series by Auckland artist Emmaline Bailey exploring nature with a surreal fantastical twist.

Crown Jewel by Georgina Hooper
Contemporary Brisbane-based artist Georgina Hooper was raised with a strong connection, respect and spiritual affinity with plants, animals, the ocean, and landscape. And so, Australia’s distinctive natural environment lies at the heart of much of her work. By representing nature in the traditions of Daoism and Chinese landscape painting the artist departs from realism to emphasise the spiritual energy of place and memory. Her works are meditative, focusing on nature’s sublime beauty. Crown Jewel is a painting which rejoices in the splendour of red coral and its beauty in its natural environment. Red coral has been harvested since ancient times and is quite possibly the most threatened due to its exploitation and commercialisation. Its richly beautiful red skeleton is desirable as jewellery. Georgina Hooper's Crown Jewel is a work which presents the safety and flourishing state of the natural world and its oceans as the real jewel in which to be valued and sort after.


12oz 80mm and 12oz 90mm Single Wall BioCups

Pinapples by Linzi Carter
"The Pineapple is recognised as a traditional expression of "welcome" to various cultures throughout the South and Eastern seaboard. It symbolises hospitality, friendship and prosperity and also sings vitality, health and joy. Captured in four colour variations, the artwork celebrates the fruit's honoured place in festivities and ceremonies but also the every day kitchen able of so many families that enjoy each other's company over a good slice of pineapple. The colours speak of inclusivity and celebration of all cultures and people groups and the Pineapples almost beam with joy, reminding us to respect and value the production of this fruit and the landscape and farmers that faithfully continue to grow it for our pleasure and sustenance. I hope that wherever these Pineapples travel, they will bring great Joy and a warmed heart to all coffee drinkers."

Tentacles by Jess Scott from Starfish Studio
"Living and working as a fabric designer on North Stradbroke Island, inspired by the Coral Sea, I draw or paint or doodle images in the sand and in my studio. I use my designs across a wide range of beautiful and functional pieces – all printed and made in Australia and available under my label Starfish Studio. Cephalopods are a favourite of mine.Tentative, tactile, powerful and adaptable.

Flourishing by Grace Wilkinson
"I think flowers are glorious and I'm certain the whole world agrees. Creating floral art that is light, colourful and joyful that not only makes me happy, but plants a smile on those that see it, makes what I do, worthwhile. Flowers truly are sunshine for the soul. If more people stopped, smelled and appreciated the flowers that Mother Nature has gifted us, I think it would remind them that every day is a gift and that we need to respect and nurture the Earth in return. If we look after Mother Nature, she will look after us. I painted this piece last year in the middle of winter. I was constantly dreaming of warmer spring days where the flowers are bountiful so painting florals in pretty pastels kept me cheery and sane!"




8oz 80mm and 8oz 90mm Double Wall BioCups

Feathered Wings by Brent Rosenberg
Nature is a large element in Brent's Artwork, he combines nature in most artworks, from florals to even borrowing the colour's from plants and flowers to the sky and the sea. Brent’s work has been created with an intricate and unexpected use of an organic form, filled by sharp geometric shapes, which have been merged into digital and organic content. Unique prints come to life and have been transformed from two-dimensional format into an illusion of three-dimensional pieces of artwork.

Free to Bee by JeliRAD Designs
"This design is vibrant, uplifting amd abundant. The bees are busy in their hive making honey and buzzing happily at the harmony of life. It's essential that we keep our awareness on †he conservation and protection of precious eco systems, like theirs, and that we never take them or their contribution to our symbiotic existence, for granted. They desperately need our help to keep the balance in check between nature and pollution. When I see a bee collecting nectar from wild flowers or flying by in the breeze, it warms my heart & makes me smile. I hope this design brightens your day and reminds you of how beautiful and important bees are."

Bush & Stream by Patricia McDonalad
This artwork offers us an escape into a lush and secret bush landscape with a winding stream.  

12oz Double Wall BioCups


Patterned Vase by Ali McNabney-Stevens
Having earned her Honours degree in Design and History of Art from Edinburgh College of Art, with further studies
at London’s prestigious St Martin’s, Ali consistently displays her pedigree with an impressive body of original and limited edition abstract works that demonstrate versatility and individuality. Often painted from an aerial perspective, Ali works with brushstrokes and layers of paint that emanate luminously from the depths of the canvas. The result is palpable, and converts the artist’s love of cultural experience to that of a sensual experience when viewing.

“I always feel as if I am working on the edge of something, with my sole aim being to give life to the painting. The painting takes me where it wants to go.”

Inked Snapper by Fiona Clarke
"This piece is an exploration of the beauty within our precious marine life. It highlights the ordinary and displays it in a less traditional way. The piece is made up of geometric shapes and creates a layered journey of small movements that demonstrates a rippling effect across the page. This is not unlike the effect we have on our marine life. Now, more than ever, there is a dire need for us to protect and preserve our waters."

Barefoot Forward by Marianne Ioannou
As part of Mental Health Month, the South Western Sydney Local Health District held a Paint Your Path art competition. Marianna Ioannou's artwork Barefoot Forward got a spot in the BioCup Art Series. Marianna’s sketch of abandoned old boots and a barefoot figure was her personal interpretation of the competition’s theme – ‘Learn & Grow’. She was inspired by a difficult time in her life where she turned to art for a release. “My work represents leaving old comforts behind while moving forward into the unknown with a renewed sense of freedom,” explained Marianna. The competition was open to local residents with a current, past history of mental illness or a loved one living with mental illness.


16oz Double Wall BioCups

Foliage at Wategos by Ally Mansell
"This works aims to express my appreciation for the beautiful foliage surrounding my favourite place – Byron Bay. It's so important to protect these amazing pockets of paradise so the natural environment remains abundant and full of life for all of us to take a deep breath in and enjoy!"

Unchartered by Calista Douglas
Calista Douglas is a Melbourne based illustrator working primarily with inks, watercolour and acrylics. After experiencing her own hardships and finding peace within her craft, she creates work intended to make others smile for even the briefest moments. These good vibes are often portrayed as whimsical characters in layers of bright, poppy colours. Uncharted combines two of the artists greatest loves – the sea and the sky – both mysteriously beautiful and largely undiscovered. This piece expresses the artists desire for us to explore and care about our oceans as much as we care about exploring the cosmos.


The Gentle Humm by Melanie de Boehmler
"A lifetime of travelling and living in Australian and New Zealand bushland, countryside, and several years in the Big Smoke, has had a deep impact on me, my love of nature and the fascination I have for its many creatures (human and otherwise). The paintings I produce are a kind of instinctive homage to these precious lands that I hold so dear; while my drawings are an indulgence in my love of spontaneous character invention. Although the style and themes of my drawings and paintings may come out very differently, the intuitive process I engage to produce them is the same; subjects have been conjured from my imagination and sense of what feels right according to memories, intuition and my own rather warped sense of humour. Melancholy, movement, fine rendering and the absurd may all feature."