14th of October 2016BioCup Art Series

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Another superb art series is in circulation – read about the artists here.

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Blue Beauty by Dee Pamenter
This Blue Wren painting was created in my sketchbook on my very last visit to the little farm I grew up on in Australia before it was sold. I’ve always drawn inspiration from my rural upbringing, and from a deeplyrooted love and appreciation for nature. Through my work I aim to highlight the beauty that surrounds us. It’s about slowing down, and taking time to appreciate the little things. To seek to find beauty in the ordinary and to reconnect with nature. To be more mindful of the impact we as humans have on our surroundings."

Night Swim by Jen Sievers
Jen Sievers' work is directly inspired by her passion for her natural surroundings. She paints from her home studio in the foothills of the Waitakere Mountains, and is constantly in awe of the setting and the nearby West Coast beaches. She aims to create work that stirs joy, captures movement, and draws viewers into the colour scapes of her vivid imagination. 'Night Swim' is a flowing, vibrant work. It's inspired by the ocean and the diverse life living within it. The colours glow like phosphorescence and move across the canvas like a wave. She wishes to capture a moment when the ocean is teeming with vibrant life, rather than plastic.

A Late Light by Yvonne Alexandra Zago
Driven by curiosity of the natural world and her local environment, Yvonne Alexandra Zago produces paintings that draw on familiar figurative imagery and combine fragments gathered from various places to create dreamlike scapes that enthrall, escapist and inherently feminine, familiar and yet 'other'; the paradox of being unable to escape to a place that never really felt like home. While containing identifying Australian flora and fauna and figures that are trespassers, these landscapes remain unidentified in time and space, providing a moment that is intimately imbued with emotion, opening up a texturally imaginative world.

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Warning Sign by Mitch Gobel
"In my mind, art is always more than something purely visual, it tells a story and it has a message. Regardless of the time it took to physically create whatyou see, it’s a combination of the experiences lived by that artist throughout their entire life which makes their art possible; subconsciously those experiences do create the art. Art can be most powerful as a voice; I believe that a voice is what gives art real value. Ever since I started creating my work, I spoke about the environmental issues that concerned me, or the conservation efforts that I appreciated. Through this series I’d like to draw attention to, which is a wildlife hospital that is privately funded and managed by a beautiful woman – Michelle Thomas. For more information on Animalia and how you can contribute to their efforts please see their website. From one conservationist to another - Thank you Michelle."

Lost in Leaves by Rosa Friend
Rosa Friend is an illustrator and graphic designer from New Zealand, currently based in Melbourne, Australia. Lost in Leaves is about getting out and enjoying nature, being inspired and in awe at all the different varieties of plants and feeling like an explorer discovering things for the first time. It's also about being seen by nature, and being a discovery of those around you. You are both the observer and the observed.

From the Depths by Lani Paxton
"The Ocean will continue to exist and repair itself once we are gone. We just have to decide whether we will let it get to that'. From the Depths' was created for a group art show 'NinetyFive Percent' to inspire action towards a more balanced relationship with our oceans. It embodies a sense of past and future in the perpetual life cycle of our marine ecosystems and the effects of human impacts. I aimed to create a scene which evokes a sense of exploration into the intricacy and vibrancy of a world that whilst for most of us is out of sight and out of mind, is crucial to our existence." Artwork in collaboration with NinetyFive Percent

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Casting Shadow by George Rose
"What we buy and consume is about more than just us. Our actions have an impact: on the environment, on other species, and on each other. The human hands in this piece cast a shadow chasing fish until there are no more left. But human hands also have potential to build things that sustain the world instead of destroying it."

Canterbury in Pink Light by Anna Cull
"I am inspired by the extraordinary ‘ordinary’ landscapes, flora and fauna, and urban life of my own back yard. One of the reasons I love painting my surroundings is because it helps me to see things I’ve never seen before. ‘Canterbury in Pink Light’ is a great example. The pink light in the title refers to the pink and purple sunsets typically seen during a Canterbury nor’wester, when the evenings are warm and Christchurch feels like a tropical island paradise... one with snowcovered mountains and patchwork plains?! Nothing is ordinary."

Candy Crush Whale by Styna
"Created with watercolours, acrylic paint and a ballpoint pen, ‘Candy Crush Whale’ depicts a big, bountiful blue whale coming through a wave of colour and patterns inspired by the phone app game, 'Candy Crush'. Blue whales play such vital roles in our ocean’s ecosystem; they are social creatures that form life-long relationships with one another and one of few mammals that are capable of self-recognition. I wanted to paint a happy piece that highlights the beauty and intelligence of these large yet delicate cetaceans. They are the giant, peacekeepers of balance to our oceans that feed on up to 40 million krill a day, and by doing so, they prevent the overpopulation of certain species so that other species may thrive and flourish."

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Valencia by Emma Lucia
"Valencia is a composition of beautiful illustrations to create an impactful image that speaks loudly like the colours of our environment. I love creating art with meaning, and have a passion for animal welfare and the health of our planet. Valencia is a celebration of nature and it's wonderful colours. I created this to serve as a reminder of how important the environment is and that mother nature is truly alive, but she needs help. Valencia represents how I've been influenced by the vibrant colours of fauna and flora. I hope to inspire people with this work, to reconnect with nature. I want people to stop and smell the roses, take a moment to ourselves and appreciate our surrounding natural environment. The world is a beautiful place, we need to take care of it!"

Glorious Garden by Flox
"We all dream of living in an unchanging world of lush greens and blues. This work pays homage to the humble gardener and the impact that one person can have on this beautiful earth, should they choose to live sustainably."

Mandela by Amy Smith
"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." Nelson Mandela.

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Flamingo by Bryony Hudson
Bryony Hudson's work captivates us with her organic process and bold illustrative style. Bryony is known for her energetic and colourful watercolour paintings of sea creatures, plants and animals. In this piece I explore the shape of space as I play with the relationship between foreground, background, shapes, patterns and symbolics of my own vernacular. My work is inspired by our natural environment and our spiritual connection to all living things. "I have always been deeply passionate about the conservation of our environment, animal liberation, human rights and equality. We are all accountable and need to take action right now not just for our children but for the generations to come, who are they going to blame when they can’t breathe the air or drink the water? The answer is You and Me. There has never been a better time than here and now to stand up for our planet. I believe in universal connection thus it is every individuals responsibility to make conscious choices in their everyday life to conserve this infinitely beautiful and magical world on which we live."

Wise Owl by Samuel J Art
"This piece is called 'Wise Owl', and is based on the Barn Owl. It was one of my first in the patterned style that now forms most of my artwork. I often hear people say that they enjoy looking at all the different patterns in my work, because they can alway see something new. Owls are one of our earth's most magnificent creatures. We have to work together to make sure the earth can continue to look after these wonderful creatures, and well into the future. One of the small ways we can do this, that still makes a big impact, is by using BioCups. So I hope you like looking at my artwork while enjoying a cup of your favourite drink, and still know that we are doing our bit for the environment!"

Obscuring the [not so] obvious...#10 by Katherine Marmaras
"Patterns, motifs and textures found in nature, architecture, interiors and textiles constantly inform my work. I create images by abstracting these elements from found images and photographs taken. Obscuring the [not so] obvious… #10 encapsulates all of these elements and forms part of a series of mixed media works which focuses on tree forms, their presence and influence within the urban landscape. This series has been created through a process of photo transfer and mixed media. My aim is to create images which encourage the viewer to stop and pause for a moment to reflect on our unique and constantly changing environment and urban surrounds."

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Stone Lily Garden by Carol Randall-azollabloom
"The relationships between colours, scale, shape and to those who choose to engage with our work . We influence and are influenced. My work is dedicated to the miracle of coexistence and the synergies that are at play. I have developed a graphic language from my time in the Northern Territory describing the ancient garden of co existence stromatolites, azolla and mangroves. The blooming of seasonal ginger and lilies – lush , fecund and violent. We adapt to the extreme changes of Northern Territory –temperature, colour and our own impact both significant and utterly insignificant. We co exist at the molecular and at the quantum field expressed through art and all things we are able to produce as a result of those synergies."

Dreamer by Corina Vargas
"At twenty-five-years-old, I have come to find that I am happiest when I have a camera in my hand, flowing with the sea. When I’m dreaming of the photos I want to create, I’m waiting for the sunrise to pull my body into the water. I have a passion for capturing the beauty all around us and I gain a genuine bliss when get to share my photos with the people I cross paths with no matter what part of the world I’m in. I grew up in Imperial Beach, California. A small yet evolving beach community on the United States – Mexico border. Despite my home’s proximity to the beach, I grew up with the notion that the ocean was dangerous and untrustworthy. Within my traditional Mexican family, I had one uncle who was a scuba diver in Rosarito, Mexico and even when we went to go visit him, my parents would pull me back from the water telling me that the ocean would suck my under if I went any further. Something was always telling me that I wanted my toes to move forward. Something in me wanted to be sucked into the crashing waves. At twenty, I persevered and kept on stepping forward. I decided to work at a local surf camp in Imperial Beach. Despite the intuitive and radical nature of this decision, my family reminded me that I didn’t even know how to swim. But I the ocean still called to me and I trusted the pull. I embraced the job and got to fall asleep and wake up to the sweet sound of the waves. The challenge of something so new made me feel alive and vulnerable in a soothing way. The ocean quickly became my first true love. Now, the endless salt in my hair and the sand on my skin pays tribute to the endless hours that I spend with with the ocean, my love. In these moments my passion and my love come together like my feet to my longboard. I can capture images in the ocean that showcase what I now feel like when I’m at one with the waves. Ocean photography is a conduit to take people on this journey. A journey where they feel minuscule and grandiose at the same time, a true roller coaster of amazing feelings. I want to take you on this journey with me and I want you to witness my passion and love collide."

Black Kangaroo Paw by Stash Textiles
Stash Textiles draws attention to the exotic, startling beauty of Australian botanics, designing interior fabrics for Australian homes. We are working on developing a visual language that highlights Australia in order to encourage people to appreciate the wondrous environment that surrounds us & care for it more deeply. City living can create a disconnect between people and their environment and I hope to prevent that by bringing nature indoors. I'd love for people to take an interest in native plants and plant them closer to home. The detail in my work forces you to examine plants closely, showing attributes and perspectives that are often missed in our daily lives.