20th of October 2015BioCup Art Series

Next release of the Australian BioCup Art Series

From October 20th, we are releasing the next round of eighteen different BioCup Art Series cups. You will be amazed by this super range of New Zealand and Australian artists shown across our 8oz, 12oz and 16oz single and double wall BioCups. Read about the artists here...

With the fast pace of life in the 21st century, people rarely take the time to connect with nature. We hope that the BioCup Art Series inspires you to stop and appreciate the natural beauty that is all around.

Reuse: And now instead of thoughtlessly discarding your empty cup, keep these beautiful works of art as storage containers or plant pots to brighten up your workspace.

BioCups don’t just look good, by choosing these cups you help do good. All BioCups are certified carbon neutral, are made from rapidly renewable, sustainably sourced raw materials and 1% of all BioPak profits are donated to Rainforest Rescue.

New environmentally themed artwork from NZ artists released every three months
BioCups are made from sustainably sourced paper with a bioplastic waterproof lining made from plants not oil

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Gummed Together by Giselle Bongiorno
"As an artist, I’m inspired by living creatures and motivated by the belief that we can all live in harmony. My work is about making fun and meaningful connections with our world. I use simple shapes and bold colour to create playful portraits of real animals. My aim, more than capturing their image, is to make their personality shine. The challenge is to capture their essence and transmit it in a friendly way so people can relate to the animal. I’m convinced that with the ability to relate comes an inherent respect. My artwork speaks not only for me, but for animals who don’t know our words to do it by themselves. In this case, by placing the gum leaves and the koalas together I want to emphasize that they’re linked to each other and to the habitat that surrounds us. Although not officially classified as endangered, the population of Australian koalas has dropped by 90% in less than a decade. This is due to the destruction of the koala's natural habitat. Logging, agriculture and urban development have not only reduced the area available to them, but also added other dangers."

Intertwined Peacock by Cass Dellar
"When creating this watercolour artwork, I was inspired but the contrasting, and inter-laced forms within the environment. The elegance of a royal flamboyant peacock, in contrast with free flowing foliage and delicate, intricate florals is what I’ve tried to embody. When represented in one royal colour, this artwork stays true to each individual form and allows you to weave your way through the tangled web."

Artwork by Sprout and Sprig
Sprout and Sprig's Bronte Norris is a forager, maker and photographer from Geelong, Victoria. Her foliage mandalas represent a symbiosis between humans and nature.

The Picking Garden by Kezz Brett 
"My inspiration comes from my own picking garden. I grow a bed of flower sjust to pick for my own home, for friends and as a thankyou or a thinking-of-you gesture. I plant flowers with a good track record for vase life and plants that don't need attention. I have it down to a fine art! I don't use chemicals, instead I use cow manure from my herd of four Charolais cows and Lucerne hay. Flowers are my thing and they really do give and my friends and I endless pleasure. Their colours, designs and beauty inspire me. I paint the first layout with Dulux sample pot paint and then I make up individual screen prints that I print over the top of the paintings. There are four different screens used for The Picking Garden. Flowers are to be enjoyed even as you drink your coffee!"

Surf de Suga by Go Suga
"Like all humans, I love nature. It's part of us and the universe, we are like one big family. With all of the horrible things humans do to mother nature, she still gives back to us unconditionally. I love surfing, it's a great sport where you can become 'one' with nature, without harming it. It really makes me realise how small we are, a tiny part of this big universe – helps me realise we must be kind to each other and not get so technical and just go with the flow! This piece shows the Queen of the ocean flirting with sun. The two humans on the right bottom corner are my little brother and I who go surfing together all the time – we are standing there watching the waves and appreciating nature." 

Wander by Cheeky Observer
"This typographic work is inspired by the the power of the natural earth, and its magical ability to tug at our emotional and mental drawstrings. The original sketch for this work was drawn after I'd spent some time travelling through Bali's natural environment – both on land and through water. As part of this experience I was able to reflect on how the weight of the man-made world, and how it can often throw us off balance. The natural world is the open-armed solace we always escape back to, facilitating a mental stillness from which our most creative selves can flourish."

Luca by Emma Dziadulewicz 
"The environment can create havoc, prompt disastrous events and challenge us with damaging effects . . . but it can also provide us with glorious, unimaginable visual delights such as the colours seen reflected on an oil soaked bitumen road after a sun shower, or the sound of the ocean in the early hours of the morning. The ambiguity within nature intrigue’s and inspires me to search further to discover and investigate its imperfect perfections. With a strong focus on composition, teamed with obsessive tendencies, my work is a visual narrative of my desire to capture the delicacy, uniqueness and beauty of nature."

Reef Fish by Danilalo Design
"As a biologist I am passionate about conservation and education, which often inspires my work as an illustrator. These reef fish are representations of real species that exist in the waters around Australia: greenblotch parrotfish, princess basslet, green moon wrasse, orange clownfish, blue tang, and royal dottyback. I was inspired to create this work by their colour and beauty, but also by the plight of the coral reefs in which they live."

Seasonal Reflections by Lambie&co
"This piece represents finding beauty in the ordinary. As a society, people are becoming less and less connected to the earth around them and trading the beauty of nature with the beauty of success, consumerism and the man-made. The aim of this piece is to reflect the purity of produce in its natural form before being processed and altered to suit the needs of the consumer. It is so important to love and nurture this earth, to eat foods straight from the garden and reduce the demand for processed food. By representing produce as a work of art, we encourage people to stop and reconsider beauty and to reinitiate the bond between themselves and their environment. Through this process, our society will grow respect for nature, communities will join together and people will live happier, healthier lives."

Echidna by Dani Green
Dani Green works in both photography and illustration, and tends to intertwine the two mediums often, to create a body of work. Researching and documenting places she travels to and has lived in becomes the subject of her artworks. The echidna is common throughout Australia. Although they are not considered to be endangered, individual animals are at risk from dog attacks, natural disasters and motor vehicles. As they move slowly many are injured or killed crossing roads in Australia. Always contact a local wildlife group for help if you find an injured animal.

Paradiso Interferences by Marine Coutroutsios
"Through intricate paper sculptures, Paradiso Interferences depicts a colourful world. Like an explosion, colours unfold on the piece. Ferns, flowers, feathers, waves create a paradisiac landscape reminiscent of Australian landscape. Paradiso Interferences represents how I've been influenced by the vibrant australian fauna and flora, since moving there. Working with colours, feels like a powerful way to uplift and stimulate ourselves. Here hundreds of hand cut paper shapes create a tactile and emotional space to inspire us to connect or reconnect with the values of our surroundings."

The Botanica by Kathryn Green
"I create with watercolour and ink, it's become a method that I have refined over the last five years through many hours of delightful practice, i am now very grateful to say it is my full time job. I like to create beautiful pieces, I love being commissioned by my clients (largely the wedding industry) to create something that they envision, I always feel very excited when they like my style so much they let me come up with the story on paper with washy, wonderful watercolour. Painting with watercolour is just the beginning of my process, the finished product is printed many times and as a small business we are responsible to take care of our footprint. This is something we take great pride in when carefully choosing our print source. We are proud to print locally within Australia and on recycled paper stocks using vegetable based inks. Our relationship with the environment is not only one of immediate inspiration but one where we consider its place in our own work systems and structure. Creating the floral that has been so beautifully placed on BioCups was to send a positive environmental message reminding us of the beauty that is naturally available with no effort of our own, to stop and smell the roses so to speak, with all our technology and the fast paced life so many of us lead, we miss what and why we are really here."

Early Reflection by Morning Bondi
Morning Bondi is the photo diary of Amaury Treguer. Amaury never misses a morning down the beach – everyday he captures the essence and natural beauty of Bondi Beach. His pictures focus on Bondi's iconic landscape, beautiful sunrises and local characters. Amaury lives and breathes everything Bondi.

Golden Heart by Hello Angel
"Jam packed with explosive colour and major detail is how I like to tell a story! With this piece I wanted to tell of the crafty Tui and it's acrobatic prowess along with how beautiful and important the Kowhai tree is to their natural environment, hence the name Golden Heart. The Kowhai is a an iconic New Zealand native tree that needs protecting, without it we may loose more than just a beautiful flower."

Great Gig by Prudence Caroline
Prudence Caroline was born and bred in Jan Juc. You will find her painting faces by day and canvas’ by night. If you ask her to descirbe her painting style, she will tell you that it is “Scruffy and haphazard”. If you ask her why she paints, she will tell you that she’s not great with words. "My artworks are abstract creations, influenced by an eclectic mix of street art, textiles, mid century architecture, flora and fauna, sunshine and four legged friends." Prue believes that some of the most beautiful works of art focus on the everyday. This is evident in each unique piece that she creates.

So much to do, So little time by Adrian Hing Tattoo
As an Australian based artist Adrian Hing spends his days between Sydney, Melbourne and his drawing table, creating aesthetically tunned imagery for enthusiasts and followers of his craft, those looking to get tattooed and himself. Adrian has been creating art in the public domain since 1995 and has not looked back since. Traversing the globe, Adrian draws influence from all things near and far.

Star Fish by Alexia Brehas
"My piece entitled ‘Star Fish’ is an original ink drawing using intricate detailing, dotwork and pointillism to add tone. The piece focuses on a dreamscape scene combining a variety of fish and sea life, all floating through a highly detailed galaxy filled with planets and bubbles. I regularly include animals and plants in my artwork, as I not only find great beauty in nature, but I am also a strong advocate for the protection of the environment. I particularly believe marine life to be a very important and endangered aspect of the environment, which is why I strongly support the use of biodegradable and sustainable products. Many of our sea creatures are being harmed by dangerous waste products thrown in the sea, and it is essential that we recognize what an important part they play in our environment, and indeed within our galaxy."

Zoo by Chelsea Meatcham
"The idea of giving back life to pre-loved books and magazines provides me with a smidge of satisfaction that I have helped give nature another chance to be beautiful once again. My collage pieces including ‘Zoo’, mould together the organic shapes and natural contours of animals and nature to form a visually pleasing ‘puzzle’ reflecting how our lives would not be complete without our environment. Chopping and changing our perceptions on sustainable living, I like to have my childish take on the wonderful world of animals while using recycled paper I have sought after in local thrift shops and boot sales."

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