27th of March 2016Customer stories

Amore – Coffee with passion

Amoré Coffee’s tagline, 'Coffee with passion', sums up what has made this company a success and the reason they have been in business for more than 30 years.

With offices in The Gold Coast, Toowoomba and Sydney, they are more than just a coffee roasting and distribution business, their passion for coffee means they travel the world searching for the best beans money can buy.

As a wholesale business, Amoré Coffee primarily deals in a range of coffee blends which are roasted and distributed to retail outlets. They also offers various accoutrements of the coffee-making process. Their passion and attention to detail extends to every part of the business and it is therefore no surprise that they chose BioPak as their preferred supplier of takeaway lids and branded coffee cups

According to Amore CEO, Gareth Donovan, Amore chose BioPak as their packaging partner, primarily for our focus on quality and the fact that both companies share the same commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

Gareth says "BioPak supplies us with a range of custom branded cups. The Amore brand is synonymous with quality in the same way the BioPak brand is synonymous with sustainability. Our customers are proud to serve their coffees in Amore branded BioCups and as every cup is a reflection of our brand and values, we are proud to have the BioCup logo alongside the Amore logo on all our custom branded cups. 

The entire process from artwork design, inventory management right through to delivery is simply a breeze when dealing with BioPak. It’s just one less thing I have to worry about in the day to day operations of our business. With BioPak I know we will never run out of stock, and in the event of any problems, I can rest assured that they will move mountains in order to make it right.

The benefits of choosing BioPak products are effectively communicated to existing and potential new clients through engaging and relevant point of sale, marketing and promotional material which makes the job for our sales team so much easier.

Great coffee just doesn’t happen by itself and a great company is only as good as the sum of its parts. After 30 years in this industry we know how important it is to have the right partners and we believe that with partners like BioPak we will continue to grow for at least another 30 years."