17th of December 2018Customer stories

BioPak ‘Give Back’ program makes a big difference for Forest & Bird in 2018

New Zealand’s leading independent conservation organisation, Forest & Bird, has made some significant headway with nature in 2018, and some of these achievements have been due to BioPak’s ‘Give Back’ program.

Protecting trees is one of BioPak’s primary objectives. Trees give us oxygen, store carbon, stabilise soil and support the world’s wildlife.

We are supporting Forest & Bird in New Zealand with critical projects relating to kauri dieback disease. This disease is having a devastating effect on New Zealand’s largest native trees, and the forest ecosystem that relies on them. At present, kauri dieback has no known cure and there is no proven way to prevent its spread.

Protecting trees, preserving the planet

Since 1923, Forest & Bird has played a crucial role in preserving New Zealand’s environment and native species. They've helped establish conservation protection for a third of New Zealand’s land mass, and put an end to logging publicly-owned native forests.

As part of the BioPak ‘Give Back’ program, we donate 1% of profits to environmentally restorative initiatives. Forest and Bird have received 1% of profits in New Zealand which has contributed to the protection of Forest and Bird’s seven owned and managed reserves containing kauri, covering nearly 250 hectares.

Kauri dieback disease is caused by a microscopic spore that attacks the roots and trunk of kauri trees, damaging the tissue that carries nutrients, and causing them to starve. The disease is spread by humans and pigs, so reducing contact and inevitable spread is critical.

Forest & Bird works hard to be the voice for nature in New Zealand, and stand up for its indigenous flora, fauna and wildlife. This year they have had a big win, by closing their kauri reserves which will prevent spread of the disease, and protect the trees while scientists work to find a solution.

Because of ongoing advocacy and awareness raising with government and the public, other regional parks with outcrops of Kauri have also been closed, and the NZ government has agreed to invest into new research for tackling deadly tree diseases.

“We are thrilled to receive financial support from BioPak for this important conservation project” says Jo Prestwood, Sponsorships Manager, Forest & Bird