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Currumbin RSL composts 100% of their organic waste with Phoenix Power Recyclers

Currumbin RSL in South East Queensland has a mission to make a difference by lowering their carbon footprint. Since 2009 they have made a marked reduction in their waste, water and energy use.

They have many initiatives in place to do this, including a commitment to purchasing compostable packaging which, along with their organic food waste from various venues in the club can be composted in their BiobiN®, ready to be made into nutrient rich compost by Phoenix Power Recyclers.

How exactly is it composted?
The BiobiN® is collected and transported from Currumbin RSL to Phoenix Power Recyclers where it is weighed in, unloaded and mixed up with mulched green waste, including the compostable takeaway containers and cups and bioplastic bin liners.
The mulched organics are heaped outdoors into a long line called a windrow where it is regularly turned & mixed during the 12-16 week compost cycle. Each windrow is turned every 7-10 days, the process of composting naturally generates heat as the organic material begins to biodegrade. Temperatures are closely monitored and reach above 55 degree Celsius destroying any weed seeds or pathogens.
At the completion of the compost cycle, samples are sent for testing to ensure they comply with Australian Standard 4454 (compost standard).
After the testing is approved the material is screened through a 20mm trommel to create Phoenix’s signature product, Prescription Compost (PC-100). This compost is sold as a soil conditioner for residential gardens, for farms (to boost crop production) and to contractors for worksite soil amelioration. Alternatively it is mixed with reclaimed topsoil and sand to produce AS 4419 manufactured soil for the trade, commercial and contractors market – Commercial Garden Soil, Under Turf Soil and Premium Garden Soil.
Photos and more detailed descriptions of this marvellous process here.
This is what is possible when using compostable foodservice packaging!
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