30th of May 2013Customer stories

Customer testimonials from MICE

We a had quick chat with a few of our customers at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE) 2013, and here are all the lovely things they had to say about us.

We had such a great time at the MICE this year (2013). Have a listen to what our coffee roaster partners have to say about our BioCup. Many thanks to Blessed Bean, Griffiths Coffee, Delano Coffee, Single Origin Coffee Roaster and Douwe Egberts.

“They're not happy unless you’re happy…a big thumbs up to BioCup!”
Jason Dowding, Blessed Bean

“We travelled to Taiwan to see the manufacturing process of the BioCup, it was really an impressive installation...also....‘Leakers’ drive us mad, and you don’t get that with the BioCup.”
Peter Papisteas, Griffiths Coffee

“Firstly, it’s a really good cup, and secondly, we feel really supported by them. We are not going anywhere, we are going to be customers for a long time!”
Boris Georgiou, Delano Coffee