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Green up your school canteen

Canteens tend to be the source of most litter in schools. Convert your school canteen or school customers to BioPak packaging and give them an opportunity to divert waste from landfill and teach their kids about sustainability.

The delicious kids meals pictures are from Samson Primary in WA. They have just started working with our brand new WA compost partner Kooda to compost all their waste. An excellent example of closing the loop!

The school canteen should reflect the educational goals of the school and support and complement student learning. Canteens tend to be the source of most litter in primary and secondary schools.

Here is a great opportunity for your school to demonstrate that you are mindful of the impact that your canteen is having on the natural environment.

Now even the littlest earth lovers can eat green with our range of BioPak packaging. Lead by example, teach kids how to respect nature and be mindful of the waste they create – in short, teach them about sustainability.

Samson School, WA
Samson Primary's tuck shop, The Little Lunchbox, has all the kids lining up for nutritious and delicious meals made by cook Jess Tercier. She has tossed out the warm meat pies wrapped in plastic and instead makes all the food onsite with a team of volunteers. Much of the fresh produce and eggs are hand delivered daily from the school garden and chooks by the pre-school kids.

They use a range of BioCane Takeaway Containers and Clamshells. And all their packaging is collected by a local commercial compost collection company Kooda.

Meet Kooda
Kooda is an exciting compostable collection startup in Perth, created by Carly Hardy. They provide small residential kitchen-sized compost buckets to large commercial kitchen or apartment skips to collect and compost food scraps and compostable packaging. We can't wait for them to expand across the country.

Try Kooda for your home and/or business today!


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