25th of August 2017Customer stories

IT'S EASY: Divert food and packaging waste from landfill

1 tonne of food and packaging waste was collected from TEDxSydney at ICC, and composted within Soilco's standard compost cycle.

The TEDxSydney wanted to reduce their environmental footprint without compromising quality. BioPak supplied 100% compostable cups, bowls, takeaway boxes, wooden cutlery and napkins for their meal service. Food scraps and compostable packaging were collected in source separated organic bins with compostable liners, placed throughout the venue.

Our partner Soilco collected the compostable waste the day after in their purpose built food organics collection vehicle. At Soilco’s EPA licensed enclosed composting facility, the material is composted within the standard composting cycle.

Compostable packaging and zero waste
It’s unsustainable to produce single use disposable food service packaging that has a functional life measured in hours from plastics so durable they will last for millennia.

Rapidly renewable, certified compostable materials provide a number of operational, environmental and sustainability benefits when used for disposables food service packaging.

It provides business a cost effective, sustainable and environmentally friendly option of serving food and beverages when it’s not practical to use reusables.

Compostable, biobased food service ware presents a significant opportunity to advance sustainability by enabling easier, more streamlined waste management. Using compostable packaging reduces the need to separate food scraps from packaging and facilitates the diversion of organic waste from landfill.

There are a growing number of compost facilities accepting our packaging along with other organic waste for recycling. We have listed 24 compost facilities that accept our products – they work with many councils, events and business across Australia and New Zealand.