22nd of October 2015Customer stories

Our distributor Ward Packaging

Ward Packaging was established in 1982 with just one man on the road. Today, with 28 staff at their Malaga (Western Australia) offices and warehouse they are growing from strength to strength. Ward Packaging provides a consistently high standard of customer service that has been integral to their success. To find out how our partnership has enabled them to grow without adding additional overhead, read what MD Rob Krsanac has to say...

Working with BioPak has allowed us to effortlessly expand our product range in response to customer demand for more sustainable packaging solutions.

Our core values are so perfectly aligned that we see them as an extension of our business not just another supplier.

We are able to confidently market and promote their range knowing that stock is always available. Our customer service team is there to make the ordering of products as easy as possible for our clients, allowing them to focus on their area of expertise rather than on ordering and arranging delivery of products. The same holds true for the BioPak service team, who with their expertise in sustainable packaging solutions and a WA warehouse and distribution centre frees us up to focus on our clients needs.

In addition to their standard product range we also offer our clients custom branded packaging. We liaise with the client, provide the artwork or design brief to BioPak and they take care of the details.

Their innovative and high quality products, coupled with effective and engaging marketing and promotional materials, have empowered our sales team to respond to and service a growing number of customers seeking more sustainable packaging solutions.

The relationship is collaborative and BioPak passes on enquiries they receive from our territory and we follow up to make sure the customers get the service and products they need and expect.

Having recently purchased a site on which to build a new warehouse, we have plans to expand and implement as much renewable and sustainable technology as possible with the build, including solar panels on the roof, and LED lighting. Being more sustainable as a business is not just limited to the products we sell, we understand the need to look at every aspect of our operations and seek out areas where we can reduce our environmental impact.

Sustainability is not a trend, it’s a core value that every company should be looking to adopt. Our industry, and the health and prosperity of humankind depend on what we do today. Tomorrow will be too late.

Rob Krsanac, Managing Director, Ward Packaging