18th of August 2016Customer stories

Revive Cafe NZ

Opening Revive Café was a bold career change for Jeremy Dixon and his wife, Verity, in 2004. They felt so good after a 10 day retreat and the string of healthy choices it motivated, they decided they simply had to share the feeling – and 12 years later they have two wonderful Revive cafes, a food delivery business and a superb range of cook books.

Revive is all about using plant-based whole foods to make delicious vegetarian food that is not heavily processed. They use lots of fruit and vegetables, whole grains and protein sources like beans, chickpeas, lentils tofu and nuts.

“BioPak’s plant-based packaging is the perfect fit for us,” say Jeremy, who uses BioPak’s paper and clear cups, bioplastic cutlery and sugarcane pulp containers for both eat-in and takeaway meals.

“Single use disposables are a problematic factor of the food service industry, for us we choose BioPak’s compostable products as the best, most sustainable option. We reduce what we send to landfill by providing our customers onsite compost collection bins to turn any waste back into nutrient rich compost.”