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Universities Leading the Way

In 2013 the University of Sunshine Coast was the first University in Australia to adopt a total waste streaming system. They operate an On-Site Composting Apparatus (OSCA) to process green/organic waste, including all the BioPak products they use. 

The University of Sunshine Coast’s OSCA composting machine transforms organic waste into nutrient-rich compost for the campus gardens. At capacity, 50 tonnes of organic waste a year can be processed by OSCA. This represents a reduction of 60 tonnes of CO2 entering the Earth's atmosphere every year at Sippy Downs. One wheelie bin full of compostable waste takes two weeks to be processed by OSCA into rich compost.

OSCA can process all food scraps, paper hand towels, lawn and garden clipping, cardboard and compostable plates, cups and cutlery sold at the University. Compostable catering products are a significant factor in the success of the waste recovery program and has helped the University convert 25% of its food waste to rich nutrient compost each year. 

To ensure the organic waste stream is consistent with OSCA's requirements, only compostable catering products (i.e. made of 100% corn starch) such as cutlery, plates and coffee cups (including lids) are used in all their food outlets on campus. 

Some of the key benefits of using OSCA include:

  • Very low energy consumption to run the machine
  • Silent processing of organic matter
  • Produces odourless compost
  • Diverts organic waste from going into landfill
  • Reduces transport costs of waste going to landfill
  • Educates people about composting

The University Pro Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services) Bernard Lillis says that their OSCA “allows us to take what we can out of the University’s waste to put back into the soil,” he adds, “It’s also a real-life opportunity to share what we have learnt with our local community and schools.”

More about On-Site Composting Apparatus (OSCA)
OSCA is an automated, aerobic composting technology developed by WDU Sustainability in Queensland, Australia. Using minimal energy, OSCA processes organic waste streams including food waste (food preparation waste, plate scrapings, bones, seafood, etc.), agricultural waste, compostable packaging, paper and cardboard, manure, and green waste. OSCA can produce a high quality, safe and immediately usable compost within 10-14 days.

OSCA is a continuous feed system – waste is loaded in one end and finished compost ejected from the other. OSCA is silent in operation and the specially designed bio-filter makes it odourless. The unit is very easy to use and maintain. Diverting organic waste from landfill economically and sustainably across numerous locations, including The University of the Sunshine Coast, On the Avenue – a residential, commercial and retail precinct in Darwin, and many festivals including Caloundra Music Festival and Woodford Folk Festival. WDU Sustainability has also developed the OSCA Bite Size which is a smaller more cost effective version for smaller waste streams from restaurants, schools, mine sites, kennels, and a systems is about to be installed at the Sunshine Coast Airport. WDU is also working on a solar option which will allow the system to be off-grid.

Find out more about OSCA:
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