27th of April 2016Customer stories


Village Road Show are committed to reducing the environmental impact of their operations. Their Wet ‘n’ Wild theme park first opened in Queensland in 1984. Wet ‘n’ Wild Sydney followed in 2012. Both are part of the Village Roadshow theme park network, which is visited by millions of people every year.

The emphasis at Wet ‘n’ Wild is on family fun, and that includes the food available at the parks – ice creams, burgers, sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and various other snack items. There are multiple food outlets, serving a range of hot and cold options, and many are served in products from the BioPak range. The parks use cups and lids for hot and cold beverages, as well as plates and trays.

Wet ‘n’ Wild provides recycle bins in addition to regular refuse bins, so disposable cups and crockery can be directed for recycling, which reduces the pressure on landfill. The organisation has found BioPak products to be financially competitive, durable and environmentally friendly.

While there are no plans to alter current disposal methods, a company spokesperson said she is watching with interest companies like BioPak, who are “shaking up the industry” and challenging large organisations to consider environmental issues and their carbon footprint.