12th of December 2018Customer stories

Wolf Packs are delivering healthy meals in compostable packaging

A new hinged-lid container that's made from sugarcane pulp and is carbon neutral and completely compostable. Perfect for meal deliveries and takeaways, festival catering and quick service restaurants. 

BioPak has recently launched a new hinged-lid clamshell container with a sleek and simple streamlined design that’s perfect for home delivery meals, festival catering, and quick service restaurants and takeaways.

Compost at home, or commercially

Just like the rest of BioPak’s sugarcane packaging range, the new hinged-lid container is certified home compostable to Australian AS5810 and European NF T51-800 standards and commercially compostable to Australian AS4736 and European EN13432. In fact, the BioCane range is the only sugarcane packaging certified home compostable in Australia and New Zealand.

Great for home deliveries

The hinged-lid clamshell is microwave safe, which makes it perfect for home deliveries. Wolf Packs, a healthy meal delivery service based out of the Hunter Valley, is using these new containers. Made from locally-sourced ingredients, Wolf Packs meals are calorie counted, portioned and macro-nutrient balanced – and delivered in environmentally sustainable packaging.

Owner and chef Alexis Agapiou says: “We love BioPak as they align with our ethos of leaving as little footprint on our planet as possible. At, Wolf Packs Fitness Meals we use organic, free range and earth-friendly products. We are excited to use packaging that is fully compostable and more environmentally friendly.”

Perfect for takeaway

The new hinged-lid clamshell is home compostable, making it perfect for takeaways – customers can simply pop in their home compost bin when they’re finished. The press-close lid means fewer items need to be ordered and stored, and with 810ml brim-full capacity there is plenty of room for delicious food. The all-in-one lid and container means reduced inventory requirements and the same great quality packaging.

What difference does it make?

Switching to BioPak compostable, carbon neutral packaging makes a big difference. While we make every effort to reduce the environmental footprint of our products, the creation of some carbon emissions is at this stage unavoidable.

That’s why we purchase carbon credits to cover the emissions created from raw material to manufacturing and transportation and disposal in landfill. Even though our products are recyclable or compostable, we purchase credits to cover landfill just in case they end up there. So when BioPak products are composted, it actually means more carbon is offset than used.

This story first appeared in QSR Media.