You can now take simple and delicious meals on board in unique FLY by Mike carry on tray-packs from Sydney Airport.

BioPak, together with food packaging stalwarts, Sydney Packaging, teamed up to help KITCHEN by Mike say a firm no to generic foil and plastic takeaway containers ubiquitous in the fast food industry, developing instead a custom designed sugarcane pulp bento style tray.

Canteens tend to be the source of most litter in schools. Convert your school canteen or school customers to BioPak packaging and give them an opportunity to divert waste from landfill and teach their kids about sustainability.

The delicious kids meals pictures are from Samson Primary in WA. They have just started working with our brand new WA compost partner Kooda to compost all their waste. An excellent example of closing the loop!

We are very proud to be a part of Zoos Victoria's goal to be completely waste free by 2019. BioPak packaging is used in all their food service outlets and once used, the packaging along with food scraps, mulch and animal poo gets processed using an in-vessel composter at their Multi Use Recycling Facility to create the high quality compost – Zoo Gro. Some animals contribute more than others – zoo keepers collect over 600kg of Elephant dung every day! 

In 2013 the University of Sunshine Coast was the first University in Australia to adopt a total waste streaming system. They operate an On-Site Composting Apparatus (OSCA) to process green/organic waste, including all the BioPak products they use. 

27th of January 2017

Compass Group

Our partnership with Compass Group New Zealand (Compass) is achieving good environmental and social benefits. We provide environmentally-friendly takeaway coffee cups to most Compass healthcare sites in New Zealand every year. Compass’ specialist healthcare services brand, Medirest, is the food and hospitality services provider at each site.

02nd of September 2016

Able-Pakk, Tasmania

“We do not inherit the earth from our parents, but borrow it from our children.”

This well-known saying really encapsulates why Craig McLaren started Able-Pakk. He was a sheep farmer and while looking after his grand children once a week, in 2009 he started to wonder what environmental challenges they would face as they grew up. He decided he wanted to actively contribute to their future by selling BioPak products.

18th of August 2016

Revive Cafe NZ

Opening Revive Café was a bold career change for Jeremy Dixon and his wife, Verity, in 2004. They felt so good after a 10 day retreat and the string of healthy choices it motivated, they decided they simply had to share the feeling – and 12 years later they have two wonderful Revive cafes, a food delivery business and a superb range of cook books.

05th of July 2016

Doppio or nothing

Port Macquarie company Doppio or Nothing was established in August 2004. A multifaceted company, their motto is “Customised Hospitality Solutions”. The Doppio or Nothing boys specialise in distribution, training, consulting and events and all things coffee and love BioPak.