24th of August 2021Product news

Designing for the Future

BioPak CEO, Gary Smith, explains why it is important to design for the future, beyond what consumers know now.

While it has been a crazy year for businesses with our industry especially suffering from the challenges and uncertainty that are part and parcel of living with the pandemic, the demand for compostable products has remained strong.

Businesses and consumers continue to say no to plastic, and a resounding yes to compostables and the transition to sustainable consumption and a circular economy.

BioPak has been well positioned by our investment in innovative technology and supply chain partnerships to maintain stock levels when many industries have had supplies disrupted by global container shortages and shipping delays.

Ultimately, it is individuals that are driving this growth. In fact, the majority (73%) of global consumers say they would definitely change their consumption habits to reduce their impact on the environment.

The challenge for business is to not only respond to these trends, but to look towards the future and lead the way. We saw a major shift in demand from 2020, when our customer base increased 40%. This trend aligned with the growing awareness of the problem with plastic and the rise of the ‘conscious consumer’.

BioPak is focused on innovation and emerging technology to design for the future, beyond what consumers know now. Not only do we need to constantly seek out ways to reduce our environmental impact, but we need to take responsibility for that impact at every stage in the lifecycle of our product and collaborate with industry, government, universities and research organisations in order to deliver circular and sustainable solutions.

BioPak has used a government grant to set up Compost Connect, a not-for-profit and brand agnostic initiative that is linking consumers and businesses with their local compost networks in Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

We are focused on giving our customers and the end-consumers of today and tomorrow the confidence that their choice to buy BioPak is making a real difference in the shift to a sustainable, waste-free world.

Together with our customers, we continue to have a positive impact on the future of our planet. Our Sustainability Report underpins our commitment to continuously learn and improve, and we invite you to read our progress from the last 12 months, July 20-June 21.

Together, in 20/21 We Have:



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Raw Materials

This year we have seen a 38% increase in our certified home compostable sugarcane range. We have released sugarcane, plastic-free coffee cup lids and Chinese soup spoons.


Ethical Supply Chain

We are 100% carbon neutral across all territories this year. 60% of our global paper and wood products are certified to FSC™ and the balance will be PEFC™ in 2022.



This year we spearheaded the launch of brand-agnostic, not-for-profit Compost Connect to increase composting rates across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom.


Profit for Purpose

We donate 5% of profits to positive change, supporting charities, social enterprise and environmental restoration. This year Rainforest Rescue took over our BioCup Art Series for a donation drive.