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Hear what one of our coffee and packaging distributors has to say about working with us

BioPak has been supplying Leaf Bean Machine with compostable cups for over 10 years. Here’s what their customers have to say.

From Perth Coffee Roastery & Tea Supplier Leaf Bean Machine

BioPak has been supplying their products to the Western Australian coffee roastery and tea supplier Leaf Bean Machine for 10 years. Owned and operated by couple Fleur and Brad, Leaf Bean Machine distributes their products to popular cafes across Perth, WA. Fleur and Brad attributes their success to premium service and consistency. From the taste of their Karvan beans, the blending of their Pure Tea and to the food packaging these products are served in – each offering is carefully considered to deliver a high quality, memorable and environmentally positive experience for the customer.

Brad and Fleur have taken the time to share with us their experience with BioPak. Here’s what they had to say.

“BioPak ticked all of the biodegradable boxes...”

“When we first bought our business, the previous owner had a variety of different cups and lids – all were cheaply produced and often the lids were a poor fit. It was a nightmare and we knew instantly that it had to change. We needed a reliable solution that was going to offer thebusy cafes we supply to efficiency, dependability and style.” (Fleur).

“Fleur and I began researching and came across BioPak, the business sparked our interest. We then met Gary Smith [CEO of BioPak] at a Perth trade show where we were exhibiting our Karvan coffee and Pure Tea. BioPak ticked all of the biodegradable boxes. No cutting corners, thoughtful and environmentally friendly products, genuine and transparent values plus, I hit it off with Gary, which makes doing business much easier.” (Brad).

“From the beginning to now, BioPak has been excellent to work with."


“The answer was obvious. BioPak offered it all and then some.” (Fleur).

“What really stood out was BioPak’s emphasis on sustainability. Reducing waste and eliminating plastics is a goal in both our professional and personal livelihoods. We supply thousands of food packaging products across Western Australia, it was essential we made packaging as low-impact as possible. BioPak has made this goal an easy one. As their information resources prove, one café making the switch over to biodegradable packaging will offset 15 tonnes of carbon, avoid 5 tonnes of plastic, create 4 tonnes of compost.” (Brad).

“From the beginning to now, BioPak has been the best food packaging supplier. It’s been 10years and Gary and his team have managed to maintain their high standards of customer service and delivery. Their business has grown but no matter the changes, their service, products and delivery always go above and beyond.” (Fleur).

“It’s exciting to be a part of their story and be able to deliver their products to our wholesale customer base. We’re proud to deliver BioPak alongside our coffee and tea, and we know ourcafé customers feel the same.” (Brad).

A few comments from Leaf Bean Machine’s customers.

“... quality has been consistent since the first day we opened.”

“Our cafe uses a great variety of BioPak containers, boxes, cups, lids and packaging items. We use compostable containers for pasta we make, biodegradable cups for soup, compostable containers for salads as well as the biodegradable cutlery and napkins. We are always very happy with BioPak. They have a practical and efficient design and quality has been consistent since the first day we opened.” Ada owner of Parlapa (Fremantle, Perth).

“We love people’s reactions to the artwork on the coffee cups. Because the art is always changing it really cheers people up. A lot of customers love the designs so much they keep them to upcycle. We also use BioPak’s juice cups, salad bowls and burger boxes. It’s the best quality and all with a low environmental impact.” Katherine owner of Pink Deli (Kelmscott, Perth).

A big thank you to everyone who has shared their experience with BioPak.