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How can we save the Daintree Rainforest?

In 2020, BioPak has funded the propagation of 9,375 seedlings in 2021 in their brand new, larger capacity nursery. Learn how you can get involved to save the rainforest.


Meet one of the largest living birds...

If you’re not too familiar with Australia’s fauna, you might be wondering if this bird is from a Jurassic Park movie...

It’s a cassowary, a large bird native to the tropical forests of northeastern Australia. The southern cassowary is endangered in Queensland, where only 20-25% of former cassowary habitat remains. It plays a vital role in the local ecosystem by eating the fruits of over 240 species of rainforest plants and excreting the seeds great distances from the parent plant, nourishing the forest and allowing it to grow.


Rescuing the Daintree Rainforest

Rainforest Rescue is a not-for-profit that has been protecting rainforests for the last 20 years by purchasing properties of high conservation value and protecting their biodiversity. They’ve been working relentlessly to restore vulnerable rainforests through reforestation, maintenance and awareness-raising. 

One of their key areas of focus is protecting the Daintree, Australia’s largest rainforest and one of the most biodiverse environments on the planet. It’s under threat of being severely degraded and home of the big fellow aforementioned. Through Rainforest Rescue's hard work, sheer determination and the generosity of many, Rainforest Rescue has been able to buy and restore several parcels of land over the years, with an additional 374-hectare parcel purchased in 2020. This latest purchase will allow them to build a second nursery, which will provide training and learning opportunities for Indigenous rangers. Thousands of seeds are collected from the area with the support of volunteers and grown in the nursery before their seedlings are planted in-situ to restore the rainforest.

Sources of funding

Such work is only possible thanks to dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as community and corporate funding. BioPak has been a proud supporter of Rainforest Rescue since 2012. By consistently donating 1% of profits to the association as part of our giveback program, we have funded the planting of 22,777 trees and the purchase and successful restoration of 5 hectares of previously cleared rainforest.

In 2020, BioPak has funded the propagation of 9,375 seedlings in 2021 in their brand new, larger capacity nursery.

As a B Corporation, we are committed to doing business responsibly and to mitigating the impact our activities have on the environment.


How can you get involved?


There are many ways individuals, businesses or schools can get involved to save the rainforest. 


  • Avoid products that contribute to deforestation like palm oil, soy, beef, wood – or choose only these products with verified environmental claims
  • Choose rainforest ecotourism for your next holiday – this can be beneficial to local people, the economy, and the environment
  • Hold businesses accountable – if you feel that a company’s business practices are environmentally irresponsible,
  • Participate financially (donate, fundraise or shop at their online store)
  • Give your time by volunteering with rainforest conservation organisations
  • Enlist your business to participate in a give-back program – such as 1% for the Rainforest Rescue
  • Share their stories – your voice helps!