15th of June 2014Product news

New and improved BioCup Trays

Moulded pulp is often considered a sustainable packaging material, as defined by the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, since it is produced from recycled materials, and can be recycled again after its useful life-cycle. Made 100% from post-consumer recycled paper.

Produced using new and improved thermoforming pulp moulding process

This newest form of moulded pulp is the highest quality of thin walled products available today. The process uses ‘Cure-In-The-Mould’ technology which produces well defined, smooth surfaced moulded pulp products. After being formed, the product is captured in heated forming moulds which presses and densifies the moulded products.

The products are ejected from the heated moulds in their finished state as opposed to being dried in a heated oven. This production process results in a high quality product with smooth inner and outer surfaces which allow for easy separation of trays.

  • No price change
  • Same product codes
  • 2-3 month roll out
  • The highly compressed pulp fibres provide improved strength and stiffness
  • Due to the efficient nesting of the trays they take up very little space
  • A stack of 100 x 4 cup carrier trays measures only 36cm
  • Ready to use trays ensures speedy counter service – No need for busy staff to spend time folding up flimsy cardboard trays
  • Supplied in economical carton quantities of 500 x 2 cup carrier trays and 300 x 4 cup carry trays
  • Smooth surfaces ensure easy separation

Click here to download the flyer.