11th of July 2019Product news

New product: 100% compostable sushi trays now available

Most sushi trays are made from conventional plastic derived from finite fossil resources. With 9% of the world’s plastics actually getting recycled, we need a more sustainable alternative to sushi trays made from conventional single-use plastic.

That’s why we’ve created our certified compostable, carbon neutral sushi trays which are made from plants and provide a closed loop alternative to their conventional plastic counterparts. Now, sushi restaurants can serve their customers in compostable sushi containers mde from plants - made for the circular economy where there is no waste.

Compostable sushi tray features

BioPak compostable sushi trays are made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar refining industry that is otherwise disposed of. The trays are home-compostable (AS5810) and certified industrially compostable (AS4736).

Our sushi tray lids are made from IngeoTM bioplastic made from plants, not finite fossil resources and feature anti-fog technology to ensure sushi looks fantastic on display. This bioplastic is 100% industrially compostable (AS4736), making it a waste-free alternative to conventional plastic.

We pride ourselves not only on our eco-friendly products, but on how great our products look with your food in them. Our sushi trays are better for the planet than the conventional plastic alternative and with, their anti-fog lids, they make your food look amazing, too. Coupled with our wooden cutlery or chopsticks, these trays make your food stand out and are sure to impress customers with your commitment to the planet.

Disposal options

BioPak sushi trays and lids can be industrially composted, and the trays can be popped in the home compost. Where municipal composting infrastructure is not available, BioPak offers a compost pick up service.

Businesses and their customers can dispose of compostable sushi trays and along with food scraps and organic waste all in one bin. We’ll come and pick it up for processing with our composting partners. Then, in as little as 8 weeks, your waste will be transformed into nutrient rich soil that can be used to grow more plants and help fight climate change.

The trays and lids are carbon neutral, compostable and recyclable, and available in a range of sizes, including small, medium, large and long. With 7.5% of the profits from sales going to positive change, these sushi trays are the waste-free, environmentally considerate sushi trays your business has been waiting for.

Download our product information flyer or browse the range online.

Coming soon

With 9% of the world’s plastics actually getting recycled, we need a more sustainable alternatives to conventional plastic lids. Therefore, BioPak is rolling out bioplastic PLA lids for all take-away ranges that can be industrially composted. Where municipal composting infrastructure is not available, BioPak offers an organic waste collection service. Stay tuned.