10th of January 2018Product news

Say ‘no’ to plastic food containers

While disposable food containers offer convenience and a safe and hygienic vessel for takeaway food, the kind made from conventional plastics are having a devastating effect on the planet. Thankfully, as support for the zero waste movement grows, and more people become aware of the principles of a circular economy, the need for a sustainable alternative to plastic food containers is clear: BioCane packaging made from rapidly renewable sugarcane pulp is the future.

Saying ‘no’ to plastic food containers isn’t easy, especially if you’re running a food service business and need disposable packaging. The good news is, BioPak takeaway containers are recyclable and commercially compostable, offering an environmentally friendly alternative for food service businesses who need disposable packaging, and want to do their bit for the planet.

Our BioCane products are made from sugarcane pulp, a rapidly renewable resource that can be commercially composted. The rate of decomposition depends on the composting conditions – the temperature, turnover rate, moisture, etc. Just like other compostable material, products will biodegrade much faster if they are broken into smaller pieces. They will biodegrade within 120 days in a commercial composting facility.

Benefits of BioCane food containers

Great for food presentation

What would you rather: your beautiful food crammed against the edges of a conventional plastic container, or beautifully presented in an eco-friendly BioCane container? As well as being an environmentally friendly option, BioCane containers are a premium foodservice packaging option, that retains integrity with heat and liquids, as well as being safe and hygienic.

Secure lid fit

Nothing worse than a container that leaks, right? On our containers we’ve included a tab on the lid to ensure it stays on, and the food stays in the container. Plus, it’s suitable for hot and cold food, and liquids.

Freezer, microwave and oven safe

Sometimes food needs to be reheated, and you need to feel confident your packaging is going to hold-up. Our packaging is safe to be heated in a microwave and oven safe up to 220ºC, so you can make ready-to-serve meals off-site, freeze them for transport, and reheat in the oven for serving.

Tree free, no deforestation here

Made from sugarcane pulp, a rapidly renewable waste by-product from the sugar refining industry. The energy required to make sugarcane pulp is less than that needed for traditional wood-pulp. Choosing products made from plants, not petroleum, conserves oil resources and supports cleaner production while protecting our health.

Recyclable and compostable

Our BioCane products can be recycled in the mainstream paper recycling if not contaminated with food scraps, and can be composted in a commercial compost with food scraps, giving nutrients back to the earth as they break down.

Custom designs available

Sometimes you need custom-designed packaging to safely and beautifully store and present your food, and this can be done with BioCane. If you’ve got an idea, moulded sugarcane pulp could well be the answer. Our experienced BioPak Design Team will help you with R&D, concept creation and rendering, prototyping, technical drawings all the way through to manufacture and delivery. We will make your brand sing to impress your customers with ANY shape you want. Minimum order quantity has dropped to 50,000/size.

Want to know more?

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