15th of December 2020Product news

Shop BioPak For This Year’s Party From Woolworths, Big W and Aldi

BioPak has a sustainable disposable picnic and party range you need, available at your local supermarket.

If you find yourself hosting a work or family gathering these holidays why not make your party an Eco Party?
We are excited to announce that BioPak’s new range of picnic and party-ware essentials, including sustainable sugarcane pulp plates and bowls and FSC™ certified wooden cutlery and paper straws will now be available at your local supermarket.

By partnering with Woolworths, Countdown, Big W and Aldi to bring our compostable and carbon-neutral products direct to customers, we are enabling businesses and individuals to reduce their plastic waste and divert more organic material away from landfill, thereby lowering our collective carbon footprint and helping to tackle climate change.
Our certified home compostable plates and bowls are made from sugarcane pulp, a by-product of the sugar manufacturing industry that would usually be burnt.

The versatility of this product is able to not only be applied to single-use food service; we have also been working hard in collaboration with Woolworths and their suppliers to develop new sustainable produce trays, including a tomato punnet design which we are pleased will become their industry-standard in 2021.

For this Christmas, you will be able to buy a range of fresh produce, cakes, drinks and even your oysters in BioPak sugarcane pulp packaging from Woolworths.

In this way, we are approaching the problem of plastic pollution from both sides and empowering both individuals and businesses to address this most important problem.

As a signatory to the Global Commitment of the New Plastics Economy, an initiative of the Ellen Macarthur Foundation, we are committed to shifting patterns of consumption and tackle the plastic pollution at the source.

So, give a gift to Planet Earth this Christmas by choosing sustainable and compostable foodservice items made from plant-based materials that are as renewable as Uncle Frank’s re-gifted socks.