10th of April 2017Product news

Single wall vs double wall cups

Ordering coffee cups and can't decide between single or double wall cups? Here are all the facts you need to make your decision. 


What's the difference?
A single wall paper cup has one layer of paper, a double wall has two. The extra layer and textured pattern provides additional insulation to protect the consumers from hot drinks. The extra layer increases the environmental impact of the cup. We understand the issues and provide a double wall solution but our preference is always single wall.

A little change with a big impact
Manufacturing a single wall cup consumes less energy and paper. Transport related emissions will also be reduced due to the lower weight and more compact carton size of a single wall cup.

Benefits of changing

  • 55% reduction in paper board
  • 44% reduction in paper weight
  • 29% reduction in carton size
  • 20% reduction of carbon foot print

Not all cups are created equal
BioCups are produced from a heavy duty premium quality paper board with the paper sourced from managed plantations.

Single wall cups are suitable for serving milk based beverages up to 80°C.

If hot tea and long blacks make up only a small percentage of sales, double-cupping is a more economical than using double wall cups for all your takeaway hot drinks.