20th of February 2019Product news

The only compostable cups certified to Australian Standards (AS4736) – change is in your hands!

In the last 18 months, we have launched the BioPak Compost Service to over 1,800 postcodes in Australia and New Zealand, and have had our cups and lids certified to Australian standards (AS4736) – in addition to the European certification which we've held for a while – in an effort to provide confidence and comply to the most stringent, regional practices available.

With our compostable packaging solutions available in Australia and New Zealand, and our compost collection service active in over 1,800 postcodes (with more added weekly) it's never been easier for businesses to move towards zero waste.

More than just a cup recycling scheme, the BioPak Compost Service collects compostable cups and lids, compostable packaging, food scraps and organic waste all in one bin — no separation required. Any business can join regardless of size, and we’ll organise a bin for your organics and compostable packaging and a truck to come and collect them.

The process is simple:

Separate all your food scraps and compostable packaging into ONE green bin – provided by us.
We collect weekly or more frequently if needed.
Your organic waste is processed into nutrient rich compost in less than 12 weeks.

Change is in your hands!

Want to get your compostable packaging and food scraps into the compost instead of landfill? Of course you do. 

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