10th of December 2013Product news

Understanding our bioplastic cups and containers

Our new streamlined BioDeli Bowl range is now in stock. Redesigned with a single lid solution across all sizes and a choice of either a conventional lid or a leak resistant recessed lid that keep liquids in the container where they belong.

Our bioplastic BioCups come in a wide range of sizes, with multiple lid shapes. We have introduced a 150ml and 200ml cup that does not have a lid option. These offer a more affordable alternative to the same size cups that come with lids. Give them a try!

  • Universal lid for all deli bowl sizes
  • A recessed leak resistant deli bowl lid option
  • Cheaper 150ml and 200ml clear cup options with no lid

Click here to view the full bioplastic cup range in more detail.

Click here to veiw the full bioplastic containers range in more details.

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