27th of August 2015Product news

What do your takeaway cups say about your brand?

If you own a café business, it’s quite likely that takeaway coffee is a key earner. And if you haven’t really thought about your takeaway coffee cups, you could be giving your customers a less than favourable impression of your brand. Do you serve your quality product in quality packaging? Are you addressing your customers concerns regarding sustainability with eco friendly coffee cups? Are you making the most of the branding opportunity your takeaway cups provide? If you haven’t considered what your takeaway cups say about your business, now might be the time to do so.

Quality counts
Have you tested out your cups to see what they are actually like to use? Do they separate easily when stacked? If they are aren’t rigid or stable enough, or the lids don’t stay on properly, you’re not giving your customers the enjoyable coffee experience you would want them to have. After all, you want to keep your customers coming back, not going elsewhere after a bad experience with a loose lid and a spurt of coffee on their shirtfront!

Going green
These days, society as a whole is a lot more environmentally aware. Offering your customers eco friendly coffee cups that are made from renewable resources and are compostable not only helps you do your bit to minimise waste on a practical level, it’s also appealing to your customers’ desire to be environmentally friendly.

A branding opportunity
As a coffee outlet, you can count on your takeaway cups travelling to a variety of different destinations. During peak times like mid-morning and lunch, busy workers will be queuing for coffee to take back to their offices. Commuters might pick up a cup for the trip to or from work, or tourists might want a beverage to sip as they sight-see. Your takeaway custom coffee cups are potentially one of your best mobile advertisements. Include them in your branding strategy by having them customised with your business name, colours or logo, and you’re planting a seed that can help your business to grow. If you do opt for generic cups, know that our BioCups still build brand credibility showing your customers that you care about ethical sourcing. 

Coffee cup suppliers can work with you to customise your required takeaway cup to fit your specifications, so you can be sure that your cups are making a great impression on your customers, and emhancing and promoting your brand.

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