17th of June 2019Sustainability

Sustainable businesses attract the best talent – here’s how to become one

Sustainable business growth is among the top objectives for leaders, and it’s hard to do it alone.

Building a talented team is one of the crucial elements to maintaining a competitive advantage and successfully scaling a business, but top talent know how in-demand they are, and if employers don’t position themselves well they might lose star employees.

An article written by BioPak CEO Gary Smith and advertised in SmartCompany on 17 June 2019

While stable employment and regular paychecks may have been the hallmarks of a ‘good job’ in the past, these days employees are seeking out principled companies. In fact, a global survey conducted by LinkedIn in 2016 revealed that 74% of candidates want a job where they feel like their work matters.

In this article, BioPak CEO Gary Smith tells Smart Company "Leverage this shift in consumer behaviour by educating your stakeholders, employees, and customers on the great steps that the company is taking not just to do less harm but also to do more good".