11th of November 2014

Tastings on Hastings

Tastings on Hastings returns to Port Macquarie’s Town Centre on Sunday, 26th October, 2014 where last year it hosted more than 100 exhibitors and welcomed more than 15,000 patrons. Born from the Hastings Farmers Markets the event’s core aim is to celebrate the farming, fresh produce, gourmet produce, wines, beers, chefs, restaurants and cafes of the Hastings region.

01st of October 2014

Cold Paper Cups

A hot new look for serving your ice cold beverages. Lined inside and out with bioplastic ensuring the paper will not soften

The 6oz BioCup provides a good balance between milk and espresso and ensures good flavour for caffe lattes and cappuccinos.

BioPak donates 13,500 sugarcane plates to support the Salvation Army.

We have 6 new artists on our 8oz and 12oz single wall BioCup Art Series cups. Read more about the artists here.

Raising awareness of depression and suicide prevention

BioPak proudly supports the work of STREAT and will contribute the profit from each box of STREAT coffee cups sold directly back to help fund STREAT’s Youth Programs.

07th of July 2014

National Tree Day

This 27 July plant a tree to play your part in keeping Australia green.