Ms G's have been heat sealing our clear BioCups, following the style of tea chains that have become part of Asian pop culture.

BioPak together with Deeko have launched a retail product range.

15th of February 2014

Save the Cassowary BioCup

A BioPak and Rainforest Rescue partnership to raise awareness and funds to help this ancient and endangered bird, which lives only in the Wet Tropics of Queensland.

Richard's article in this month's Cafe Culture. There are three easy ways to cut down your waste that can make a big difference to the amount that ends up in landfill. These are known as the 'Three Rs' – reduce, reuse and recycle.

We have redesigned our clear PET lids, have a look at the improvements.

16th of January 2014

New bioplastic BioSalad Bowls

Naturally better – these faceted bowls will make your food look even more appetising.

Now some of the organic produce at your local Woolworths is packaged in BioPak sugarcane pulp trays. A better and more sustainable choice than conventional foam trays.

Our new streamlined BioDeli Bowl range is now in stock. Redesigned with a single lid solution across all sizes and a choice of either a conventional lid or a leak resistant recessed lid that keep liquids in the container where they belong.