14th of June 2013

Trash on your back

On the 22 June 2013, over 1,000 Australians take to the streets with their BioPak trash bags on their backs! The Sustainability News & Entertainment® USA (SNAE) ‘TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE©’ is an initiative first conceived and delivered over 5 days from Earth Day 22nd April 2012 by SNAE Host & Founder, Diana Dehm and 20 pilot participants. The SNAE TRASH ON YOUR BACK 5 DAY CHALLENGE© was inspired by a radio interview Diana conducted with Drew Jones, Director of Climate Interactive, a World Energy Exercise at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Dartmouth College.

We a had quick chat with a few of our customers at the Melbourne International Coffee Exhibition (MICE) 2013, and here are all the lovely things they had to say about us.

Our director and business founder Richard Fine talks through the benefits of the BioCup.