MEDIA RELEASE – 11 December 2017 (updated 06 April 2018)

BioPak, a global leader in the innovation and production of environmentally - sustainable packaging, today unveiled Australia’s first comprehensive composting service for food service packaging, including paper coffee cups, in a move designed to divert food scraps and food service packaging from landfill. The Chief Executive Officer of BioPak, Gary Smith, said the new service will allow customers to dispose of used coffee cups and BioPak compostable takeaway food packaging in specially designed collection bins at their local cafes or workplaces.


– by Richard Fine (Founder, BioPak)

When talking about innovation the story is usually quite simple, come up with an idea, figure out how to make it work and change the world. However, that is rarely how it actually happens. A more common narrative is, someone comes up with an idea but it never gets off the ground because no one is willing to accept it. The truth is that innovation is never a single event, but a process of discovery, refinement and transformation.

This is our story. 

BioPak’s ground-breaking disposable coffee cups are recyclable, especially when compared to other disposable packaging, including milk cartons, according to new independent research.

The Chief Executive Officer of BioPak, Gary Smith, said that contrary to some of the misinformation in the public space, research commissioned by the company had confirmed that its disposable cups could be recycled commercially.

Let's face it: Australians are big coffee drinkers. In less than a generation, we have moved from a nation of sedate tea drinkers to a nation of coffee obsessives. We now judge our cities on just how good the coffee is. Or how many baristas they have.

Currumbin RSL in South East Queensland has a mission to make a difference by lowering their carbon footprint. Since 2009 they have made a marked reduction in their waste, water and energy use.

They have many initiatives in place to do this, including a commitment to purchasing compostable packaging which, along with their organic food waste from various venues in the club can be composted in their BiobiN®, ready to be made into nutrient rich compost by Phoenix Power Recyclers.

Love the look of kraft paper packaging? We supply a number of unbleached kraft paper products, and where real kraft paper or board is not available we offer a printed kraft-look pattern for range consistency.

Use the hashtag #rainforest2reef on images of your special Rainforest Rescue edition of the BioCup Art Series cups on Instagram and BioPak will donate $1 for every post.

BioCup Art Series has teamed up with Rainforest Rescue and Great Barrier Reef Legacy to bring you the #rainforest2reef Art Series. The series features 17 artists whose work celebrates and raises awareness on the importance of protecting the ancient and biodiverse Daintree National Park and the Great Barrier Reef.


1 tonne of food and packaging waste was collected from TEDxSydney at ICC, and composted within Soilco's standard compost cycle.