Packaging certifications by independent third-parties allow organisations and individuals to assess whether the products they purchase meet the specific requirements by verifying claims made and to avoid greenwashing.

23rd of April 2020


Wondering what FSC™ paper is? Learn more about the FSC™ and how they’re ensuring that paper and wood is eco-friendly and environmentally responsible.

Which is more sustainable, composting or recycling? Learn more about composting and recycling and find out which option to choose when disposing of takeaway packaging.

Leading fruit and vegetable producers are reducing their environmental footprint with carbon neutral compostable packaging that completely biodegrades in the home compost bin — without any toxic residue.

What does it mean to be carbon neutral? We explain how we became the first carbon neutral packaging company in Australia, and why it’s so important to fight the climate crisis.

Wondering what are the benefits of bagasse (sugarcane pulp) as a material for packaging? Learn more about bagasse packaging and how this durable and flexible material is great for foodservice packaging and better for the environment.

Australia’s leading sustainable foodservice packaging company BioPak has partnered with community development organisation SevGen Indigenous Corporation and Plastic Free Noosa to release a limited edition Art Series BioCup that puts Aboriginal art into the hands of our global community.

With the world bunkering down in an attempt to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus or Covid19, the hospitality industry is bearing the brunt of social distancing measures with many restaurants and cafes reporting sharp decreases in customers and revenue, or even closing their doors.
We’ve come up with a few marketing tips on how to promote their business throughout this health crisis and stand out from the crowd with creative ways to boost your sales.