Music and musicians have been on the front lines of major social movements throughout history, from civil rights, human rights, climate change and so much more. Their voices are needed to drive change. Ziggy is a change agent in the industry and an early adopter and ambassador for BioPak's sustainable packaging solutions made from plants, not oil. We've met him prior to his Laps Around The Sun tour 2019 to talk about how we can green the music industry together.

For many who enjoy exploring the wonders of the aquarium, single-use foodservice packaging is in abundance, and almost unavoidable for those who don’t make the change. Compostable and sustainable alternatives need to be sourced to counteract the negative environmental impact.

When it comes to getting food and drinks in a hurry, single-use foodservice packaging is in abundance and has negative consequences for the environment. Sustainable alternatives must be sought out and implemented within the industry.

The Australian businesses leading the way in sustainable packaging design and innovation were recognised last night at the annual Australian Packaging Covenant Organisation (APCO) Awards in Melbourne and we are one of them!

The Hon Trevor Evans, Assistant Minister for Waste Reduction and Environmental Management, joined more than 180 guests to celebrate the achievements of the 18 award-winning organisations, representing a broad range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, transport, technology, hospitality and pharmaceuticals.

Last night, BioPak was awarded the prestigious Woolworths Sustainability Supplier of the Year in recognition of our ongoing efforts to reduce packaging and we couldn't be more excited.

“It is an honour to be acknowledged by Woolworths as a business showcasing excellence in sustainability. Their commitment to engage us to innovate sustainable solutions was the catalyst to making real change! Woolworths leads an industry waiting for change to “just happen”, they took on the responsibility to force a change in habits that have a real environmental impact`` said Gary Smith, CEO BioPak.

BioPak has recently declared a Climate Emergency and is committed to taking immediate action on climate change. We strongly believe that we need to decouple our economy from fossil fuels, and using renewable material alternatives for packaging is one way to move in that direction.


Australian producer Hydro Produce is known mainly for its extensive resources and fresh vegetables. What started as a small farming business in the 1940s has grown to be a market leader in the fresh produce farming, packing and supply sector across Australia.

Many forward-thinking brands have gotten the message — they’re taking the future of our planet into their own hands through partnerships with environmental nonprofits and sustainable business practices. There is a need to step up, shine a spotlight on the issue and inject a sense of urgency that up till now seems to have been lacking.

This is why BioPak is officially declaring a climate emergency and pledging to take immediate action on climate change.