Cold cups

A sustainable alternative to conventional, clear plastic cups. BioCups are plastic-free – made from a plant-derived bioplastic. The only clear cups certified commercially compostable to Australian AS4736 standards.

Paper cups & lids

Our cold paper cups are coated inside and out with Ingeo™- a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. The outside coating makes them freezer safe and suitable for cold drinks. Certified industrially compostable to AS4736, these single wall cold drink paper cups with lids come in a leaf design. Available in 4 different colours with matching lids.

Clear cups & lids

Clear BioCups look and perform like conventional plastic cups but they are made from Ingeo™ – a bioplastic made from plants, not oil. Choose plastic-free BioCups – the only clear cups certified commercially compostable. Available in 16 different sizes.

Cup trays

Our cup trays are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled paper pulp. These trays are sturdy and, unlike cardboard, do not require assembly. The nesting design ensures they take up very little space. Available in two and four compartment configurations.

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If you've ever tried to make an eco-friendly choice when it comes to packaging materials, you'll know it can be a confusing landscape to navigate. With various claims and technical terms, it's important to be on the lookout for unscrupulous marketing. As for plastic products, the most common (misleading) claim is plastics labelled as ‘degradable’, ‘biodegradable’ or even ‘landfill degradable’. Unlike bioplastics which are produced from renewable resources, these 'degradable plastics' are just conventional plastics derived from fossil resources with an additive that the manufacturers claim will render the product biodegradable under specific conditions. 

Cold Cups

On a hot day, there’s nothing better than a cool refreshing drink on the go! Disposable cups are the most practical, convenient and hygienic option for serving takeaway cold drinks.

Conventional single-use cold cups like plastic drinking cups, plastic-lined paper milkshake cups, disposable smoothie cups, plastic dessert cup, and plastic water cups are made from fossil fuels. After a short useful life of approximately 20 minutes, conventional disposable cups usually end up in landfill where it takes decades to breakdown while releasing greenhouse gases in the process.

We offer a range of eco-friendly cold cups suitable for a range of cold beverages – and can even be used to package takeaway muesli, fruit salads and desserts!

Our clear bioplastic cups – made from Ingeo™, a plant-based plastic – offer a more sustainable alternative to plastic cups. They look and perform just like traditional clear plastic cups with lids when serving cold food and drinks. 

Our clear bioplastic cups are the first and only products of the kind certified to Australian/New Zealand commercial compost standards – AS4736. Plus, the carbon footprint of producing Ingeo™ bioplastic is up to 75 percent smaller than conventional plastics such as PET.

BioPak eco-friendly single-use cold drink cups are commercially compostable and designed to be part of the circular economy. Composting as an end-of-life solution reduces greenhouse gases, returns nutrients back to the earth and improves soil quality, and costs less than sending waste to landfill.

They are accepted in an increasing number of Food Organics Garden Organics (FOGO) bins and we recommend to contact your local council to check if they accept compostable packaging. To further expand the reach of commercial composting, we have launched the BioPak Compost Service to help create a national composting infrastructure. Join up to the BioPak Compost Service today.